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Switchable Smart Glass

Written by Don Sandford
Switchable Smart Glass

The future of smart windows


Imagine home window blinds built right into the glass during window manufacture or added onsite as an after-market surface film product. Imagine instantly going from clear windows to translucent or opaque privacy with voice activation available through a myriad of platforms, a tap of your mobile device or by using a wall switch.

Energy bills

A window coating that cuts your energy bill, prevents solar heat gain, screens out ultraviolet and infrared rays increasing wellness within the home. The digital blinds can be manufactured to be artistic in their design. They can even include solar dots to capture solar energy.

Redefine your interior layout

Switchable glass can also be used on interior walls to create open spaces and create instant privacy in multifunctional rooms. These glass surfaces can also be used as media presentation and white board surfaces using short throw projector technology.

Imagine having your new home come complete with switchable blinds when you take possession. No need for measurements, long delivery times, or installation of traditional products. They are part of the home from the onset.

Engineered windows and smart coatings are now so sophisticated that they are becoming an asset in the transition to sustainable NetZero homes. They contribute to lower energy costs, greater wellbeing, and offer convenience and security.



A holistic assessment is required to arrive at a decision in favour of smart switchable glass solutions. The elements to be considered are proven experience in all weather conditions, the availability of window manufacturers familiar with smart glass, the integration with electrical and photovoltaic systems and monitoring if desired to measure wellness parameters. The degree of application must also be considered based upon the configuration of the living space. A thorough analysis of the cost of conventional blinds, compared to digital blinds, is required in terms of energy savings and protection provided. The least expensive approach is purchasing the smart glass as part of the window production to eliminate aftermarket installation issues.

The price of switchable smart glass ranges from $25/sq ft to $100/sq ft depending upon if it is factory installed as an OEM product or as an after-market product installed by a local window manufacturer of DIY project.


  • A versatile and modern design upgrade for diverse decorative styles
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Easy integration with smart home applications and lighting solutions
  • Divide space in open floor plans
  • Optimize space with partitions between rooms
  • Allows light to flow from room to room
  • Reduce HVAC and lighting costs with LC and SPD products


  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Front doors
  • Bedroom windows
  • Skylights
  • Windows or door facing neighbours or the street
  • Home offices
  • Bar areas and wine rooms
  • Safe rooms
  • Home entertainment centres

Enclave Living homes are designed to create living spaces that are bold, beautiful, forward looking and practical. Places that allow people to live life extraordinarily. This requires pushing the boundaries of design innovation in alignment with sustainable practices and solutions.

Homes that are smaller, more multifunctional, provide affordable luxury, reflect your lifestyle and is ‘just right’.

Homes were architectural design, innovation and sustainability all matter.

Key specifications

  • Ultra low haves avg. 2.5%
  • UV blocking 100%
  • Minimal energy consumption avg. 1.5w/m2
  • Operating voltages: 100VAC squarewave
  • Switching times: <3s
  • Only available SPD with architectural widths
  • Standard or custom sizes and shapes with holes, notches
  • Glass types: Flat or curved, annealed, tempered, clear, low iron/ultra clear