Our Core Values

We are turning the home building process on its head


Design matters

Imagine a home where the way we live has been designed and engineered into its DNA.

In todays digital world we have the opportunity to design the digital processes for manufacturing and assembly. Homes are designed with innovation and sustainability in mind resulting in homes that are future-proofed.

home is not a place, it’s a feeling.


Reimagining the way we live

Innovation touches everything that we do. It touches, the: design, building methodologies, materials, smart home technology, HRV systems, multifunctionalism, rapid build technologies, wellness, sustainability economics and performance.

“Innovation is an ecosystem that ensures continuum of innovations as a cornerstone principle”


People first, planet first

Imagine a home that contributes to your overall wellness. The materials used are safe and resilient. Our houses exist to foster your mental well-being.

Your home is your sanctuary, your haven, the place where you re-energize and enjoy life.

We are in an economic race to achieve sustainability where investments will mitigate operating costs of homes as we achieve NetZero.

This puts us on a journey to a clean future where action has been taken to restore and improve planetary health. In addition we will be able to a build sustainable company that benefits society. Our objective is to create the most sustainable homes on Earth that will someday be able to pay you to live in them.

We all deserve a healthier planet