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Home Multifunctionalism

Written by Don Sandford
Home Multifunctionalism

One Room… Infinite Possibilities

The pathway to lowering the cost of living spaces is to make them smaller, appear larger and offer significant value gain. Multifunctional spaces are thoughtfully curated; not downsized to fit in the space. The space is intentionally designed to maximize utility while respecting design, innovation and sustainability. By building oversized multifunctional rooms we can create ‘essential living’ spaces that are thoughtfully designed, created and deliver very discrete and imaginative delineations between uses.

Instant transformation

The concept is to provide additional carefully curated space that provides more than sufficient space to convert the living spaces into an extra bedroom, home office, fitness centre, craft room or a space limited only by our imagination. Interior designs are aided through the use of multifunctional furniture such as convertible wall beds, extendable and retractable tables, plus signifcant discreet storage. Transitions are virtually instant.

Fewer walls, many rooms

An oversized multifunctional room could conceivably replace several conventional rooms and access points. The reduction in construction cost can be allocated to reducing the overall construction cost of the home at a standard construction build cost (assume: $250/square foot). If we assume that three 12’ x 12’ (432 square ft) plus hallways are eliminated in favour of one 15’ x 15’ (225 square ft) . A portion of the 207 square feet ($51,750) saved can be allocated to lowering the overall cost of the home, however a portion of these savings (possibly 50%) can be reallocated to investment in achieving interior design magic in the multifunctional space.

Multifunctionalism is limited only by our imagination. There are desirable interior designs that integrate ensuite bathrooms with walk-in closets and spa like features. Using innovative design concepts it is possible to build multifunctional transition zones between interior and exterior spaces.