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Ending Customer Pain

Written by Don Sandford

Inside the mind of a non-comtemplative buyer

The dream of owning a home is out of reach for most Canadians and is getting worse. More and more people are becoming non-contemplative as they withdraw from the market because they are unable to find and finance a home that meets their needs or brings them joy. They have to settle for suboptimized housing or in some cases take more drastic action. Non-contemplative and active buyers need to be presented with solutions that address their core needs of: affordability, qualifying for a home financially, a dramatic reduction in operating costs and coping in a rising interest climate and escalating utility cost environment.

Purchasers are seeking to find ways to reduce the % of disposable income consumed by housing mortgages, utility costs, and property taxes to a value which allows for a comfortable amount to be applied to experiences, enjoyment, travel and other lifestyle expenditures. Finally qualifying with a 5% down payment and bank ratios remains even more challenging.



Buyers cannot afford to spend 50% of their disposable income on housing. The number needs to be closer to 30%, Carrying a punitive mortgage that is financially suffocating and prevents people from pursuing lifestyle activities, and experiences is debilitating.

Affordability can be improved by reducing living space using curated designs, practicing multifunctionalism within living spaces, eliminating operating costs by implementing a net/Zero to Positive strategy, and syndicating the payment of mortgages through legal suite development and income.

In essence, we are in the business of lowering the total cost of ownership of a home, while enabling you to live your best life. This is achieved by the lowering the percentage of disposable income applied to your real estate needs.

Keep more money to live your best life.

Curated design


Imagine being able to live in a smaller home that appears as and functions as if it was larger. This can be accomplished through one-floor living with the space normally allocated to stairways and hallways turned into useable living space. Imagine expanding your living space to the exterior of the home. Consider the benefits of rightsizing over downsizing by redesigning homes rather than shrinking rooms into a smaller floorplate.

Envision life without a basement that you simply don’t need. It won’t show up in your property assessment, need to be renovated or cleaned, and quite simply is not needed or missed.

Future proofing


Imagine having the foresight to preempt traditional carbon fuels with clean energy from renewable sources that don’t rely heavily on transmission. Rely on an energy efficient building envelope and HRV system that rachets down energy requirements and costs. It is important to consider making this investment when you have the financial capacity to do so and before energy prices escalate.

Add the savings to sponsoring your lifestyle and to living your best life. Enjoy a home that could also provide income with a legal suite or as a short-term rental as a mortgage helper.

Decision making


Imagine not having decisions to make regarding the purchase of your new home. Your home is made for you with all the features already included. Imagine knowing what your new home will be like before it is built. Visualization using 3D technologies make it possible for you to envision your home while all the textured finishes are available beforehand. The objective is to take away the drudgery, stress, anxiety, frustration and inconvenience of making decisions, not to mention the time consumed during your busy life. There is no need for change orders, revisions, new selections, upgrades, and extra costs. This is all possible through standardization over customization.